Friday, October 7, 2011

A Recollection of The Past

The old look of my website...

Today is a very historical day for me, as I'm going to re-branding my website. Its been 3 years since I had started to write online in June 2009, haha...?? Who even cares? I ain't got a lot of readers or visitors to my site even a thousand hits afterall, well, that's not actually my objective. Sometimes, I write just for fun. It is more likely an online diary where everyone can see; even commenting on it. But it is indeed in a more modernized and profesional concept, based on my understanding lah...hehe..

It's no doubt that I'm going to change the tagline of my website from "Fit For Any Profession" to "A Recollection of The Past". It is generally because the previous tagline seems to be not fascinating to me any longer, and may also because; since i'm already working, thus, i guess that i should branding my website to a new fresh one. The old look is seemingly too outdated and not even very informative to read. Just a piece of junk as what I'm thinking about it...haha...but i'm surely not goin' to delete the old post. Just let it be there!!!......

Basically, I'd not interested in having my own domain for my website. its not the matter of Why?, it is the matter of what for?! I'm know how to do it, I had being studying the web developing for a quite sometime ago, but, as I told you before, sometimes, I'm only write just for fun. This blogspot is free to use and the only reason I'd develope this webpage is just for me to fill-in the time whenever I felt like boring or got nothin' to do. I'm not even interested in getting some additional money through online advertisement or something like that. This website perhaps is an attempt to recollect the past records, documents, events, for my own future views.

In this website, the main ideas on what i'm going to share here is divided into two types; The main idea is "A Recollection of The Past". That means anything that happen in the past is what i'm intend to write and post here. First, of course, my personal records, experiences, researches, studies and so forth (My Annual Report). Its the Same like what other major companies in the world do annually, am I right?! hehehe... Second, is more likely a general history knowledge focusing on my native ethnic history and its legacy, my village long history and also Sabah history that a long time ago known as North Borneo.

One might wonder why I'm so enthusiast in recollecting the past history of all things that connected to me? The answer is simple, it is to know the actual truth behind all the story rumoured around me in this few years, at the same time, provide the information to all my readers.

Sharing is Caring...

As I'd recall, there is no written history of the Dusunic peoples in Sabah before the appearance of colonial powers to Sabah in 19th century. Maybe there is some exist in Brunei Sultanate archive or in Sulu Sultanate archive prior to 18th century.

I'd like to share a quote from Owen Rutter;

"This I tried to record, in the hope that it may form the basis of a more detailed study and that someone coming after me may stand on the shoulders of this book and see more than I."

(Owen Rutter, 1929(pg.12); in his very own book entitled The Pagans of North Borneo)

~The book is among the earliest documented account of written history about the Dusuns.

So, all of the writings that i'd posted here is about quotes, excerpts, researches and studies about what I'm interested with...apart from my life documentary...hehe....Ok, thats all for today!


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