Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mount Wakid : A Mountain in Sunsuron

By Joseph Pirin

Mount Wakid at Sunsuron
Source : Google Images

Not much idea or story can be told about this so-called Sunsuron mountain, Mount Wakid, as there is lack of literacy writings that mention about it. It is just an ordinary mountain as I could say, not so popular compared to a more superior mountain in Sabah like the majestic Mt.Kinabalu, 2nd highest mountain of Malaysia, Mt.Trus Madi or even maybe Mt.Silam of the eastcoast Sabah. It is a basic knowledge to know that any special mountain should have some significant occuring or some important event that were held there for peoples to know it.

Ok, the idea is; What so special with Mt.Wakid?

Lets take a glimpse of that for a moment...

Mount Wakid is the highest mountain in Tambunan district, it's obvious. This mountain is located at Kg.Sunsuron, Tambunan with an elevation about 2,000 meters high. It was covered with lush thick rainforest. Mount Wakid is considered as a symbol to the people of Sunsuron because the mountain is laid within the Sunsuron area.

According to a web, Asme Wordpress, there are over 300 mountains in Malaysia whereby the top 3 mountain belongs to Sabah which is Mt.Kinabalu (4095m), Mt.Trus Madi (2642m) and Mt.Tambuyukon (2579m). To date, the website had successfully listing out around 308 mountains complete with details such as elevation in feet & meters, location and State. The author of the website wrote,

"This is the most complete list that I could come up with. The above list is by no means complete or perfect."
(Asme Wordpress, September 12, 2009)

Undoubtedly, this is the most complete list of Malaysia mountains that I ever seen. I was amazed when first looking at the list. I was like, " Fantastic! Marvelous! Informative! "... Hahaha... I would say, it was an attempt that shouldn't be wasted for at all cost. Ok, back to track... According to the list, Mt.Wakid is ranked at 31st of the highest mountain in Malaysia and ranked 4th in Sabah. If it's not a mistake, then Mt.Wakid is quite a respectable high really, when its comes to a rainforest-covered mountain.

For your information, the name Wakid was derived from "Wakid", an equipment used for farming activities mainly by KadazanDusun peoples to "sikut" (carry) any affordable goods especially during harvesting season. It is made of poring (Buluh/Bamboo). An early version of Wakid looks like a inverted cone-like shape with additional bag-straps attached to it called togiwis, while modern version of Wakid looks more like a circular pattern basket-like shape with large opening on top and well-made straps attached to it.

Unfortunately for me, it's unknown if there is any connection between the Wakid and the name itself. I might only thinks that the local peoples named it based on their regularly used Wakid. Otherwise, from what I've read here, a "Wakid" is a symbolic native practice in preparing for a meaningful journey.

Considering that Mt.Wakid is the highest spot within Sunsuron, it's possibly had been used as a natural fortress against enemy during the tribal warfare era very long time ago, as Sunsuron laid on a valley surrounded by hills and mountains. It's quite a strategic place actually when we think in a different perspective.

As what I had noticed, most of the Mt.Wakid rainforest was still intact and maintain its original environment despite of the rapid modernization of Sunsuron Village. It is believed that there are many beautiful waterfalls here as an eco-tourism hotspot. Therefore, it has a huge potential of being one of the tourist attraction in this area, thus, indirectly benefiting the Sunsuron Village as it was. I've heard about a Mount Wakid Resort before, but I don't know if it trully exist or not, because I never been there yet.

Any suggestion & recommendation is most welcome...Thanks ^__^
(Note: Correct me if u spotted anything wrong in this article, ok... peace^^ )

The writer of this article, Joseph Pirin, is researching material for a writings on the The Long History of Sunsuron and would appreciate any information or copies of photographs pertinent to this subject. Please contact by Email,

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  1. awesome. climbed it once back in 2004 with some friend from Sunsuron. thanks for the insight..
    and for the name 'wakid', there is definitely a story behind the origin of the name. according to my friend, back in the day, Mount Wakid forests are very rich in natural resources. the villagers often use the natural resources as materials to produce a wakid hence where the name 'Wakid' come from.

    1. ~ok bro....thanks also for the additional info...i'll be updating this post soon...^__^

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