Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Open a .VNW Files

Subject: How To Open a .VNW Files

This is another problem that u might encounter when downloading a movie....take note...hehe..

Sometimes while downloading a movie file using part file .001, .002 & so forth; u will faced a problem which is the extracted file that u just decoded end up to be a new unknown movie format...

(One of it is .VNW) You’ll find many files with .vnw extension if you download movies or softwares or such other things with .VNW extensions from any file sharing media like

Actually, it is an alternate format version of archived file. (From my understanding lah kan...hehe...)

Here I gonna show u the steps to deal with it:

1. Rename all The .vnw files to .rar
Example, if the downloaded file’s name is "movie.vnw" then rename it to "movie.rar" .

2. After that, use Winrar to extract it. You can download Winrar by google it...hoho...

3. Make sure that all parts of the movie are in the same folder. Otherwise, no effect would be

4. Then right click on the Part 1 File. Then Choose "Extract Files Here".
After that you will find the extracted movie on the same folder(where the downloaded files

DONE !!! Enjoy ur movie then...daa.... ^^V

NOTE: In my opinion, u rarely encounter with this kind of problem. But it worth to know it at least...hehe...

Ok...until then,Bye^^


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