Saturday, September 4, 2010

1B Bowling Tournament

1Borneo Bowling Court

On the 3rd of Sept 2010, we had organized a small-scale of bowling tournament among us that held at 1Borneo Bowling Court. There were about 5 competitor code-named: DIRIWAN, FAR8, JOEL, FYE, and SERIZAWA...

I forgot about the others but I'm only remember about my performance throughout the game.... There were 2 sets of game which consisting of 6 matches.

Therefore, I got 1 Silver medal, 3 Bronze medal & 2 other consolation prize....haha...poor me!! I'm not that good... well... playin' juz for fun, didn't even expect to win at all.

The 1st set of game begin with 4 of us compete to take the first place. At the end of the 1st set of game, SERIZAWA came to join the fray...So, we continue our tournament meanwhile FYE leaving the arena for other important purpose. Technically, SERIZAWA replaced FYE to continue his ruling champs.

In the 1st Set however, I'm totally outmatched with FYE but only giving a little fear to FAR8..... As compared with the others, me, myself has a comparable fight with DIRIWAN himself but a great blow came from the newcomer SERIZAWA...He was indeed had a distinctive skills to suprise the other competitors.

With the leaving of the ruling champ, FYE, I might having a greater chances to topple any competitor who stood in front of me in the 2nd Set...hehehe...

In the final match of the 4 first, I'd been leading the scoreboard for quite a while before FAR8 outst me from the top leaving me behind, subsequently having a stalemate with DIRIWAN & we end up with a same score thus keeping the 2nd place for both of us... As for SERIZAWA, he is extremely outclassed compared to us.....wakakakaka....


Then, we enjoyed ourself playing around and hanging out at several place before goin' back at 11pm....


~what a tired day, yet satisfied....~ZzzzZzzz....O_o

Double Strike!!! ~haha...kununlah.

What am I doing??!!@#$%

DIRIWAN ready for battle!

Myself! In action! ;p

FAR8 battle-pose!

This is the winner prize! FAR8 favourite; a bunch of mini Green-Tortoise...
(Hahaha, u buy for urself lah ;p)

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