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The 10th SITF Forest Camp Theater

Kem Perhutanan Ke-10

The 2nd Troop

The Base Camp

Camp-site b4 altered

My team 100PLUS

Our Logo....~feel the trademark....hehe...

Hmm....its been a week since the end of the 10th SITF Forest Camp Theater.....
~~i've been at home till today to recover the whole new life of the outside world once again....~Ohoho...

D-Day officially on 26-06-2010..
but the boyz had been there 2 days earlier 2 build up the base camp!!!
Running for 16 days in total, (26/06/2010 - 10/07/2010) with compact worth activity within it...
I had been leading the team 1 (Codename:100+) until the very end...

Located in 3rd Class Forest Reserve Kawang

The Trail to Base-Camp

My Tent !!!

Our it is look...Quite messy??

Forest Camp is a programme that must be carried out by all students in the School of International Tropical Forestry. This camp should be undertaken by students in year 2 (semester 2).

This camp is a part of the requirements for my graduation which is embodied in the Industrial Training modules. Industrial training is divided into two types, the forest camp itself and the other one; field-training in certain agencies, whether in government or non-governmental bodies. It will be taken by students in their final year (year 3) of the beginning of the end of the semester break. These assessments represent 70% and the other 30% is the assessment carried out during the Forest Camp.
This year, The 10th Forest Camp will be held officially for 14 days, starting from June 26 to July 10, 2010.

The location is at the camp-site of Kawang Forest Reserves, Papar. At the end of the camping, students are expected to gain experiences and knowledge as maximum as possible.During the program is running, students have been exposed to variety of useful knowledge and experience in forestry, such as Public Speaking, Survival, Forest Inventory, Dendrology, Evaluation of Recreation Potential, Community Forestry, Forest Resources and Non-Wood Forest Products (Tongkat Ali), Wildlife Census (Bird and river wildlife), Hydrology, Camp motivation lectured by our Dean himself... and Group Camping.

During this camp, participants stay on "ready-to-use" camp-sites and cook
according to our respective group on the kitchen ground-plot that being given. Each day, many activity will be carried out & on night, there will be an assessment by the lecturer that conduct each of modules. Striving to enhance soft-skills and characteristics of students to become a versatile forester, The Forest Camp Steering Committee has set the objective of the Forestry Camp on this Troop.

Cheer up a lil' bit....hehe...

Lecture & Presentation of each module at night....

Journal Entry Log -> 27.06.2010 (Sunday)
~Survival Skills Module

Survival tutorial

Bonfire technique Tutorial

There r so many thing more, but i'm not in the mood to include it all....haha...^_^

Journal Entry Log -> 28.06.2010 (Monday)
~Community Forestry Module

Community Forestry Module

Community Forestry Module

Hmm....writing up the daily journal entry log......

Journal Entry Log -> 29.06.2010 (Tuesday)
~Evaluation of Recreation Potential module

View Point

The structure on the Castle-Peak

The riverbank

The river

Journal Entry Log -> 30.06.2010 (Wednesday)
~Forest Inventory & Dendrology (Tree Identification) module

One of the big trees

Journal Entry Log -> 01.07.2010 (Thursday)
~Forest Inventory & Dendrology (Tree Identification) module

Journal Entry Log -> 02.07.2010 (Friday)
~Forest Resources and Non-Wood Forest Products module (based on Tongkat Ali)

Journal Entry Log -> 03.07.2010 (Saturday)
~Soil Science module

Soil Science

Journal Entry Log -> 04.07.2010 (Sunday)
~Wildlife Census (Bird and river wildlife) module
~Hydrology module
~Motivation session with Dean

my team-mate try to take out the bird from the mist-net

a twin bird.....yeahh...!!! haha...

Hydrology stuff

Got a lot of bird during this day....~actually for the bird census last till the end of group-camping, that why we got a lot of birds....
~scroll down to see some of the birds.... ^^V

Journal Entry Log -> 05.07.2010 (Monday)
~Group Camping (Preparation)

Map Sketches for Group Camping 3 days

Journal Entry Log -> 06.07.2010 (Tuesday)
~Group Camping Set it up b4 the dark....

Our house?? during Group camping....

we cook using bamboo

Lets eat...Forest Style......

Journal Entry Log -> 07.07.2010 (Wednesday)
~Group Camping

The Limposu Tree


Once upon a time in the morning

Once upon a time in the morning

Journal Entry Log -> 08.07.2010 (Thursday)
~Group Camping (Sharing session)

Journal Entry Log -> 09.07.2010 (Friday)
~Majlis Malam Unggun Api

Majlis Malam Unggun Api
(Malam Penutupan Kem-Perhutanan Ke-10)

Penghargaan ketua2 kumpulan (Gimik?!)

The Official bonfire

Juz a split second b4 the bonfire collapse...

Journal Entry Log -> 10.07.2010 (Saturday)
~Going back to Universiti Malaysia Sabah

This report, version of mine perhaps is a daily activity report of our group over the past Forest Camp-10, the team 1 (100 PLUS), which consists of me as the Team Leader, Kah Hock, Saleh, Grace, Jahan, Sapphire (The Rimbawati), Atie and Fatin.

Forest Camp Programme is intended to implement the spirit and characteristics of forester to students or prospective graduates of SITF.
There are five (5) of the specific objectives as follows:

1) Cultivating the wilderness instinct in the life of each student as a true forester.
2) To train students in terms of mental and physical endurance.
3) To expose students to the basic science and practice of the forestry sector in terms of theory and practical.
4) Fostering and strengthening of soft skills through science expedition and filling activity in the camp.
5) Strengthening the sense of caring and cooperation among the participants of the camp.

Naa...I caught a lot of bird out there....yeahh....haha...

Red-Eye Bulbul (Pycnonotus brunneus)

Black Naped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea)

Spectacled Bulbul (Pycnonotus erythropthalmos)

Black Naped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea)

Black Headed Bulbul(Pycnonotus atriceps)

Black Naped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea)

nataw burung pa nii... macam gagak jak??!...

Black-backed Kingfisher (Ceyx erithacus)

Little Spider Hunter (Arachnothera longirostra)

Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps indica)

Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps indica)

Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps indica)

Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps indica)

Red-Eye Bulbul (Pycnonotus brunneus)

Spectacled Bulbul (Pycnonotus erythropthalmos)

Fuhh!!! leadership r totally somethin' u know....huhu...
~ U need a power & confident to keep ur men in check and more importantly they follows ur orders.
~ a leader should be respected by their followers.
~ know how to do things...not juz simply empty minded. or STUPID??!!
yeahh....its a successive camp afterall...hahaha....

~Punya rajin naik atas....haha...

Indeed, The 10th Forest Camp for the 2009/2010 session has give me, myself & I; a variety of sweet and bitter experience especially to our group, 100 PLUS, over the past 2 weeks in the Kawang forest.
This is where the most beautiful memories rise among our group members, & even among groups within this 2nd Troop, foster fondness and cooperation as well as achieving the main objectives of the participants which is studying forestry in more depth knowledge.
Various activities are carried out with fatigue, regardless of the challenges that face forward, to complete the task, eating and drinking, complete the kitchens, tent, camp, bonfire, and so forth.
All the experiences and stories shared together by individuals through public speaking in front of all the friends and staff even lecturer who saw it. Yeahh, somehow it can explain how the nature of work in an organization can really achieve a goal.

The climax of the camp was on the 9th July which the title of "Rimbawan" & "Rimbawati" was given to the student with the most highly survival skill, endurance, spirit & highly motivated throughout the camp. They being chosen by The Forest Camp Steering Committee. The title goes to Davis (Rimbawan) & Sapphira (Rimbawati), my tent-mate, & my team-mate (at least i'm closed related to them...hahaha)...~~lol...

The Rimbawan (Davis @ Givas)

Our School Dean with Rimbawan & Rimbawati

We are from the Group 1 (100 PLUS), with a total of 8 members, Myself, Kah Hock, Saleh, Fatin, Sapphira, Grace, Jahan, and Atie express our appreciation for Mr. Dean, all lecturer & staff who came to spend a bit of time with us, although busy with other important matters and also not forgotten our fellow of the nine other teams;

2nd, PISANG lead by Izam,
3rd, FRONTIER VILLER lead by Im,
4th, GARAGAS lead by Fiaz,
5th, M-TEAM lead by Jeff,
6th, KUCING HUTAN lead by Mark,
7th, COCONUT lead by Lam,
8th, WONDER-8 lead by Hamka,
9th, HOPEA lead by One-di,
10th, JAGUAR lead by Jad.

Without their cooperation and help, I dun think we gonna make it through for 2 weeks successfully....hehehe...
Hmm.....May the knowledge that was acquired during Forest Camp is to be practiced in the near future by all of us.

Like a Malay Proverb,
"Take the bad as the boundary, and all the good as an example.
butul ka sa translate ini??! aduiii (-.-")......hoho....

Maintain the health & strength until the very end.......yeah..

This is our memorable theme songs, "Lagu ini (2nd Troop Theme Song)", "Kemesraan Kawang" & "Masih Lagi".

"Lagu Ini" The 2nd Troop Theme Song

Kemesraan Kawang (by School Dean)

Thank you for reading this. See u in the other post!!! bubye...^^V

The Most Overwhelming Photoshoot....hoho...

At the kitchen plot


Important Landmark.......Guess where is this?? hehe....

Unggun Api di Malam Kemuncak Forest Camp

Artistic blurr photo taken...~~~

Ending ceremony of 100PLUS !!! yeah, the end of it!


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